Short, Medium & Long

Short hairstyles are sleek and sexy if you want that look, as well as casual and feminine. Give yourself a totally new look, and overhaul your look with the latest sexy short hairstyles. 

Short hairstyles allow variation, and ease of use. Low maintenance is the key to being the most popular trendy hairstyle, and there are plenty of short hairstyles to choose from!

Long trendy hairstyles call for many different techniques of styling. You only need to consider the amount of time you have to invest in your hair styling routine and go from there. Most people prefer hairstyles that require little to no time or maintenance. Long cuts have a tendency to keep their style longer, and short hairstyles grow out somewhat quickly.

If you are unsure which short hairstyles you should consider, do not be afraid to consult your hair stylist since he or she has been trained to observe many things about a client or a prospective client.


Color & Foil Highlights

The reason to get a hair highlight is to gain the effect of a sun-kissed glow and give dimension to your hairstyle. Vary the shade and intensity of the color depending on your skin color and the effect you'd like to achieve. So, it is important to get the right tone of color and make your highlight perfect. Here are some tips for you to go through for the right hair highlight colors.

First, you should consider your natural or colored hair color and the contract you desire when you get the color highlight.  No matter whether you are blonde, redhead, or brunette, you can always highlight your hair.  Results will vary depending on your original hair color and the formula you choose.
  • qxio-scissors If you have cool skin tones
    Complement with shades of ash or beige for blonds and brunettes and violet-based reds for redheads.  
  • qxio-scissors If you have warm skin tones
  • qxio-scissors How to choose highlights that complement your coloring?
  • qxio-scissors Blonde hair highlights
  • qxio-scissors Brown hair highights
  • qxio-scissors Black hair highlights

Perms & Spirals

Spiral perm hairstyles portray a very beautiful and mysterious look. It makes every woman gorgeous, glamorous, and even flirtatious overall. Because of the appealing look it gives, the hairstyles had become very popular among many women, especially teens.

Spiral perm hairstyles consist of crazy curls that are styled in a mannered process. Not all women are blessed with natural curls or waves therefore visiting a hairstylist is the perfect solution to achieve those spiral perm hairstyles that can be permanent or not. Depending on the hairstylist, there are different types of perms that use various methods for tresses and curling.

Spiral perm hairstyles are considered to be ageless hairdos since they can be worn at whatever age and situation as well. In every era, the look of this hairstyle becomes more edgy and classic, especially for those who are blessed with angel curls. Natural angel curls give more volume to the hair locks.

There are unlimited styling possibilities for spiral perm hairstyles. All it takes is a little experimentation and creativity. The versatility of this hairstyle is a perfect wear for any casual or formal events.